Big Data Hadoop & Spark Online

A full-fledged hands-on Big Data Hadoop and Spark training designed by the industry experts to build your in-depth knowledge of Big Data Hadoop ecosystem and computing framework using HadoopMap Reduce and Spark including HDFS, YARN, Sqoop, Flume, Pig, Hive, Impala, HBase, Kafka, Oozie and ZooKeeper.

Big Data Hadoop & Spark Online

Big Data Hadoop & Spark Online

Our Big Data Hadoop & Spark Regular training course is designed to coverall required big data tools. This course will help you to understand the basics and advanced concept of Hadoop & Spark with all components like HDFS, Map Reduce, YARN, Sqoop, Flume, Hive, Impala, Spark Core API, Spark SQL, Spark Streaming, Oozie, ZooKeeper and some basics of Hadoop administration. Most importantly, this course focused on hands-on exercises, real-time use cases and topic wise code practice which will help you to get practical use of tools and codes rather than knowing only theoretical concepts.

Big Data Hadoop & Spark Online

Student Journey

Soon after enrolling in the course, you will be trained by professionals experienced with 10+ of experience. By the end of the course, you will be able to... Big data and Hadoop architecture,Understanding of Hadoop clusters and important configurations, Complete setup of the Hadoop ecosystem, Hadoop distributed file system, MapReduce framework and application execution flow, data ingestion tools, Hive SQL, and Pig Latin Language. This course is designed forDevelopers, Project Managers, and architects. ETL, BI Professionals. There are no specific prerequisites for this training, anyone can get training on this course.

Big Data Hadoop & Spark Online - Student Journey
Big Data Hadoop & Spark Online - Student Journey

Course Content

  • Module 1: Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop Ecosystem
    • Introduction to Big Data
    • Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Module 2: Hadoop Framework and HDFS
    • Hadoop Framework
    • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
    • Hadoop Cluster
    • Understanding HDFS Commands & Web UI
  • Module 3: Hadoop Map Reduce and YARN Framework
    • Map Reduce – The Processing Layer
    • Hadoop YARN Framework – Resource Management
  • Module 4: Apache SQOOP
    • Overview of Sqoop
    • Working with Sqoop Tools
    • Sqoop Jobs
    • Sqoop Configurations
  • Module 5: Apache Flume
    • Overview of Flume
    • Working with Flume
  • Module 6: Apache Pig
    • Overview of Pig
    • Working with Pig
  • Module 7: Apache Hive
    • Overview of Hive
    • Understanding Hive
    • Hive Language
    • Hive Advanced
    • Hive Comparison
  • Module 8: Apache Impala
  • Module 8: Apache Impala
    • Overview of Impala
    • Working with Impala
  • Module 9: Apache SparkUsing Scala
    • Overview of Spark
    • Understanding Spark Environment
    • Spark Core API
    • Spark SQL
    • Spark Streaming
  • Module 10: Oozie & Zookeeper
    • Overview of Oozie
    • Overview of Zookeeper
  • Module 11: Hadoop Administration Essentials
    • Setup and Installation of Single-Node and Multi-Node Hadoop Cluster
  • Module12: Projects & Assignments
    You will be working on different real-life use cases to learn the industrial use of Hadoop components like Map Reduce, Sqoop, Flume, Pig, Hive,Spark and Spark Streaming.

More about Big Data Hadoop & Spark Online

TrainingHub.IO provides the most comprehensive Big Data Training Course online for those looking to advance their careers. With the help of this Big Data online training course, the learner will gain a fundamental to advanced understanding of Hadoop, Apache Spark, MapReduce, Hive, and many other concepts. The learner will acquire theoretical and practical skills to clear the Big Data certification exam and become a certified Big Data professional. The certified trainers have carefully crafted the course content and helped the students by leading them through practical exercises.

Course FAQs:

What skills will you learn in this Bigdata Online Course?

The trainee will learn the following concepts by the end of the Big Data online training

  • Clear comprehension of the Big Data basics and features.

  • Learn the fundamentals of using the HDFS and map/reduce technologies

  • Practical experience using PIG and performing various ETL procedures

  • How to work with the many Big Data ecosystem technologies

  • How to use Hive's indexing, bucketing, and bucketing functions

  • Learn about Apache Spark and its ecosystem

  • Learn implementation procedures for big data analytics

What are the Prerequisites to take up this Big Data Online Training?

This Big Data Online Course has no specific prerequisites. Anyone interested is ideal for taking up the course. However, knowing T-SQL, DBMS, Python, and basic data warehousing knowledge will surely help expedite learning and is an added advantage.

Who should take up this Big Data Training?

Following professionals can take up Big Data Training:

  • IT professionals

  • Mainframe professionals

  • Business intelligence professionals

  • Data management professionals

  • Project managers

  • Anyone seeking to begin or advance their career in big data.

Why should you take this Online Big Data Course?

As we can all see, big data is in high demand, and professionals are getting paid well for their expertise. According to Indeed, the average CTC for a Big Data Hadoop Professional is $136K annually.