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This is a JavaScript course which is an introduction to the language and its uses. Beginning with the fundamentals of JavaScript, you will be introduced to syntax, variables, and control structures such as loops and if statements. The course then continues with functions, scope, and the recommended approaches to variable scoping. You will also learn about data structures, objects, arrays, classes, and their attributes and functions. More specific topics are functional programming with arrays and using Document Object Model (DOM) and jQuery in web development. It also introduces you to some essential utilities, such as the command line and Git, which assist in organizing your code. Asynchronous JavaScript is explained, along with APIs and Promises, which will enable you to learn how to work with data from other sources, thus making your projects more engaging.

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Course Objectives

Master JavaScript fundamentals.

Version control your code with Git and GitHub.

Chain multiple API calls.

Use jQuery and DOM manipulation.

Use APIs to access external data.

Apply advanced array methods.

Grasp asynchronous JavaScript concepts.

Employ functions and scope appropriately.

Organize code efficiently.

Create dynamic, interactive projects.

Student Journey throughout the course

Student Journey

When you join our JavaScript training program, the following are the steps that you will follow. Our trainer will train you, and he/she should have at least 8+ years of experience in the IT field. From scratch, the students can advance through the levels and become efficient programmers. They understand the basics of JavaScript and the more complex features such as functions, data structures, and asynchronous programming. During the Journey, students discover the vast world of APIs that allow them to efficiently incorporate external data into their projects. At the end of this exciting course, the students not only learn JavaScript but also learn how to solve problems that are related to web development.


JavaScript” Course

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