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During this course of SQL Server Training for Development, you will be able to learn SQL architecture, server/client relation, stored procedures, functions, SELECT statement, data types, views. how to modify data by using T-SQL, how to develop different operators and functions to design RDBMS, how to create and manage triggers, how to search, index, sort, and group by using records. (How to do transactions - using isolation level and locking - preventing deadlocks.) How to implement optimized/efficient, scalable database, scripts/programs/queries for executions. How to recover, replicate, mirror, and store the data in the database. How to implement actions like installation, configure, planning, designing database, troubleshooting, and security, data recovering techniques. How to use advanced query techniques, advanced views, complex queries, user-defined functions, and work with XML. You will also be able to monitor and control user access in optimizing the performance of the database. How to insert, update, and delete data, how to work on joins and subqueries.

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Robust Management

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Advanced Reporting & Analytics

Course Objectives

RDBMS Concepts & Essential Tools

Sorting, Filtering, and Summarizing Data

Pivoting and Unpivoting Data

Stored Procedures and Functions

Server and Database Security

Mastering Join Types

Understanding Ranking Functions

Procedural Statements and Error Handling

Triggers and Cursors

Storing and Querying XML Data

Student Journey throughout the course

Student Journey

After enrolling in TrainingHub.IO's SQL Server Developer Training, you'll receive instruction from seasoned professionals with over a decade of experience. This course is tailored for a wide range of professionals, including software developers, BI Professionals, SQL and Database administrators, big data and Hadoop professionals, business analysts, managers, and individuals pursuing a career in SQL development. There are no specific prerequisites for enrollment, making it accessible to anyone interested in gaining comprehensive knowledge. Instructors actively engage participants through assignments and offer clarification for a better grasp of the content. Upon successful completion, personalized expert advice will be provided based on individual performance.


Microsoft SQL Developer” Course

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Microsoft SQL Developer

30 Units

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