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Welcome to the “Excel” program at TrainingHub.io! Our thorough training progresses from Excel fundamentals to advanced skills. Level 1 will teach you how to use the Excel interface, create basic spreadsheets, and complete key tasks. Level 2 covers advanced formatting, effective data management, and fundamental mathematical operations. Level 3 enhances your knowledge of PivotTables, advanced functions, and data visualization. Each level includes realistic scenarios, guaranteeing hands-on experience. In conclusion, you will be comfortable manipulating, analyzing, and visualizing data with Excel. At TrainingHub.io, we will take you from basic basics to expert Excel proficiency!

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Data Automation

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Workbook Organization

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Advanced Formatting

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Data Sorting

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PivotTable Mastery

Course Objectives

Navigate the Excel interface efficiently.

Advance your cell formatting skills.

Learn how to sort and filter data effectively.

Use PivotTables to efficiently summarize data.

Learn and apply logical operations.

Enhance data organization and visibility.

Manage worksheets and workbooks efficiently.

Effectively use advanced Excel functions.

Manipulate data with text functions.

Mastery of Lookup Functions for Data Extraction.

Student Journey throughout the course

Student Journey

After enrolling in TrainingHub.IO's “Excel” program, you will receive instructions from seasoned professionals with over a decade of experience. Start with Level 1, where you will become acquainted with Excel's interface, quickly moving across cells and constructing basic spreadsheets. Move on to Level 2, where you will refine your formatting abilities and master data management strategies. The Level 3 allows you to make use of complex functions, PivotTables, and dynamic data presentation. Engage in practical circumstances to provide a hands-on learning experience throughout. By the end of the course, you will be able to use Excel effectively for data manipulation, smart analysis, and professional-level visualization. Join TrainingHub.io and enhance your Excel skills from the fundamentals to advanced levels!


Excel” Course

Interactive sessions

Online/offline learning

Realtime industry oriented teaching

Completion certificate from traininghub.io

24*7 Course material access

One-on-one interaction with mentor

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Course content

Excel - Level 1

2 Units

Excel - Level 2

4 Units

Excel - Level 3

9 Units

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