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MERN Stack course is a comprehensive training program focused on teaching individuals how to develop web applications using the MERN stack, which is a popular and powerful technology stack for building modern web applications. This course is made for developers committed to doing what it takes to level up. You'll be able to really dig in and explore complex concepts in every class. We ensure an engaging and intensive experience that can be balanced with a full-time job. We believe in learning through exercises and by creating awesome projects. From scope outline to deployment, your in-class learning will be focused on real world skills through the creation of a single-page web application. We will review the React concepts in introduction and continue to learn topics that include Node and Express, MongoDB and Mongoose, validation and querying, routing and advanced models, and at last deployment of our app.

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NoSQL Database

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Dynamic UI

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Server-Side Development

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Flexible Data Storage

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Easy Backend

Course Objectives

Master HTML5 basics and semantics.

Learn CSS styling and layout techniques.

Understand Git version control and repositories.

Explore JavaScript and ES6 features.

Dive into React setup and components.

Create structured lists, links, tables, and forms.

Apply animations with CSS transitions.

Work with branches, merging, and pull requests.

Learn async programming and the "this" keyword.

Manage state with Redux and React Router.

Student Journey throughout the course

Student Journey

Once you enroll in our MERN Stack training, your journey involves several key steps. You will be trained by seasoned professionals with a minimum of 7+ yrs IT experience. Upon enrollment, we'll swiftly review HTML5, CSS3, and basic JavaScript, covering essential web development concepts. Progressing further, we'll delve deeper into JavaScript functions. As the course unfolds, our focus will shift towards mastering React and its associated concepts. By the course's conclusion, you'll create and launch a fully functional live app.


MERN Stack” Course

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MERN Stack

7 Units

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