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QA Automation

This training introduces state-of-art techniques for automation analysis. You will learn about the object-oriented programming language Java and Different data types & Operators, Loops, Conditions, Method & types of methods, class, and object. You will be able to work on advanced Java concepts like OOPS, Error Handling, Exceptions, Build Tool i.e Junit and TestNG. During this course, you will be allowed to work on Selenium Web Drivers, Web driver waits, webform, various locators, tables, frames, and browser POP’s, Data-Driven Frames works, PageObject Framework, multiple browsers executions, etc. You will learn how to test with API, Approach for API, web service, and SOAP UI. You will learn how to do Code Versioning and different techniques for code versioning. You will also learn about SQL and Jenkins - CI/CD/CT and Introduction to Cloud Computing, AWS overview and Docker Introduction.

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