Power BI

Microsoft's Power BI is an enterprise analytics solution that allows users to visualize data and share valuable insights. It enables data integration from various sources, facilitating the creation of interactive dashboards and Business Intelligence reports. Power BI serves as a comprehensive platform for business intelligence and analytics, comprising multiple components and services aimed at delivering interactive data visualizations and extracting insights from data.

Power BI

Power BI

The Power BI Desktop application serves as the core development tool, enabling the creation of datasets, reports, visualizations, and files. With the Power BI suite, businesses can effectively monitor their operations using rich data visualizations and dynamic dashboards. This cloud-based business intelligence service suite by Microsoft encompasses a range of solutions for data visualization, including programming services, applications, and data connectors. Overall, Power BI simplifies and accelerates the process of gaining actionable business insights through efficient data visualization.

Power BI is a highly sought-after tool in the IT industry, experiencing significant demand and popularity.

Power BI

Student Journey

Once you enroll in our Power BI training, your journey involves several key steps. You will be trained by our tutor with a minimum of 7+ yrs of Power BI/relevant IT experience. We will guide you to master Power BI Desktop, Data modeling, DAX, Power BI Services, visualizations & reports. The training is designed for BI, reporting professionals, data analysts, professionals working with data in any sector and individuals looking to up-skill their knowledge in Power BI. (There are no specific prerequisites for this training, anyone can get this course and get trained in Power BI)

Power BI- Student Journey
Power BI- Student Journey

Course Content


    Module 1: Introducing Microsoft Power Bi Desktop  

    1. Meet Power BI Desktop

    2. Downloading Power BI

    3. Adjusting Settings

    4. Power BI Desktop Interface & Workflow

    5. Resources & Monthly Updates

    6. Introduction to the Project 1 dataset

    7. Preliminary visualization and dashboard development

    Module 2: Connecting & Shaping Data  

    1. Power BI Front-end and Back-end

    2. Types of data connectors

    3. Introduction to Power Query Editor Layout

    4. Transformations:

      1. Index and conditional column

      2. Calculated column 

      3. Grouping & Aggregating

      4. Pivoting & Un-pivoting

      5. Merging Queries & Joins

      6. Appending Queries

      7. Data source setting and refreshing queries

      8. Folders and append queries

      9. Advanced queries, M Language, and customisation

    Module 3: Data Modelling  

    1. Fact Table & Dim Table

    2. Primary, Foreign & Composite Key

    3. Cardinality – 121, 12Many & Many21, Many2Many

    4. Cross Filter Direction & Security

    5. Data Model Diagrams and how Visuals interact based on the relationships

    6. Star & Snowflake Schemas

    7. Introduction to Project 2

    Module 4: DAX 

    1. Dax v/s M Language

    2. Introduction to Project 3

    3. DAX as calculated columns

    4. DAX as measures

    5. Quick Measures

    6. Time intelligence functions

    7. Dedicated Measure Tables

    8. Parameters

    9. DAX Syntax & Operators

    10. Maths & Stats Operations

    11. Conditional Functions

    12. Switch Functions

    13. Logical Functions

    14. Variables

    15. Data Modelling & DAX

    16. Data & Time 

    17. Running Totals

    18. TopN Dynamic DAX Functions

    19. DAX for date difference excluding weekends

    20. All, SelectAll

    21. Filter

    22. Iterators

    23. DAX Best Practice

    Module 5: Visualizing data with reports 

    Module 6: Power Bi Service 

    1. Introduction to Pro & Premium Capacity 

    2. Publishing a dashboard 

    3. Workspace & Gateways

    4. Security

    5. Scheduled refresh

    6. Sharing dashboard and managing permissions

    7. Subscriptions 

    8. Live Streaming

    9. Connecting to advanced JSON Files 

    10. Introduction to data mart

    11. Introduction to Project 4

    Module 7: Bonus Lecture | Power BI, AI, Microsoft Fabrics & Chat GTP – Prototype Introduction 

More about Power BI

TrainingHub offers comprehensive, project-based Power BI training designed for business intelligence professionals to land a dream job in the growing data industry. In this Power BI online training, students will learn the most in-demand skills in the functional and technical areas of Power BI with hands-on projects. Our expert instructors enable you to become a pro in powerful business intelligence and data mining using Power BI. We deliver the training you need to gather, organize, and display relevant data.

Course FAQs:

1. Is this course only for IT Professionals?

  • Not at all. You do not have to be an IT professional to take up this course.

2. Is this course hard to learn?

  • No. It is very easy to learn our Power BI – Instructor led; Project based training [from beginner to advanced level].

3. Do you provide a Power BI course completion certificate?

  • Yes, on completing the full Power BI course, you will receive a course completion certificate from Traininghub.io. The Power BI course with a certificate will be a proof of your knowledge and ability to use it.

4. Can I take this course online?

  • Yes, you can take this virtually [online].

5. What are the software and system requirements? 

  • Windows or equivalent environment with Internet browser and high-speed Internet connectivity.

6. What if I miss a class?

  • If you miss a class, you can access the class recordings at any time. 

7. What platform do you use for video/audio conferencing?   

  • Online classes are currently conducted over the Zoom/GoToMeeting platform.

8. Will I have other participants in the class?

  • Yes, there are other participants who actively participate in the class.

9. Do I get a discount on the courses?

  • Yes, you can avail a group discount if you join as a group of 5 or more.