If you have a solid understanding of HTML and CSS, you can unlock the full power of front-end development by making your projects more dynamic and interactive with JavaScript.



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Student Journey

Upon enrolling the course, you will get training by professional with over 20 years of experience. The course is designed in a way that no or minimum prior knowledge is required for enrolment. The topics are covered in a way that student can achieve in-depth knowledge of each context. You will also be the part of our wide network of Slack. Assignments will be marked by instructor with explanation for better understanding. Upon successfully completion of the course, pathway to next step will be discussed based on individual's knowledge gain.

JavaScript- Student Journey
JavaScript- Student Journey

Course Content

  • Chapter 1 : Intro to JavaScript, Control Flow, & Loops

    Welcome to JavaScript! Today we’ll be introduced to what programming languages are and go over JavaScript syntax, variables, and script tags. We’ll also poke around and get comfortable in the Chrome Developer Tools console. In this lesson we’ll also be exploring loops, ‘if statements’ and Booleans. This knowledge will help us write more exciting code that flows based on logic.

  • Chapter 2 : Functions & Scope

    What is a function, and how is it used? In this lesson we’ll review built-in functions, and learn how to create and call our own functions. We will also explore parameters and arguments, and how to use them. In this lesson we’ll introduce the topic of scope and get some practice with working in different scopes. We’ll also talk about best practices with scoping variables.

  • Chapter 3 : Data Structures, Object Methods & Enumeration

    What is an object, an array, and a class, and how can we use them? In this lesson we’ll answer these questions, and also dive into object properties, methods, and “this”. We will also discuss passing variables by reference vs. value. In this lesson we’ll look into a few object and array methods, and then talk about enumerating through objects and arrays. We will also introduce the for-in loop!

  • Chapter 4 : Advanced Array Methods, Introduction to the DOM, jQuery, & Events

    In this lesson, we’ll cover more advanced functional programming topics such as mapping and filtering arrays. We’ll also give an overview of when, where, and how you can use jQuery on your pages. Getting comfortable with exploring jQuery will include learning about events and effects, and working in the jQuery API.

  • Chapter 5 : jQuery Best Practices, Browser Events, Event Listeners, & Event Delegation

    In this lesson we’ll put together all of the skills we’ve learned so far, as well as introducing how to add new HTML to the page with JavaScript. We’ll learn about how to allow our sites to listen for events such as button and mouse clicks.

  • Chapter 6 : Command Line, Git and GitHub, GitHub Pages, Structuring an App, & ES6 Modules

    This lesson will be focused on tooling, where we will be learning about the power of the command line and code organization. This includes using GitHub for code storage and organization, as well as learning best practices when it comes to organizing our code.

  • Chapter 7 : Asynchronous JavaScript & Intro to APIs and AJAX

    So far we’ve learned about managing our own data that we’ve made available. In the lesson we’ll learn how to access data from external sources through the power of APIs. We can make requests and understand the concepts behind accessing live data.

  • Chapter 8 : Promises & API Codealong

    In this lesson we’ll explore the concepts behind using Promises which allow us to chain multiple API calls and be assured that previous requests are complete before making new ones. We’ll also go on a codealong journey where we’ll learn all about using APIs to make our projects more exciting.

More about JavaScript

TrainingHub's JavaScript Training Course provides you with all the knowledge you need to build stunning, responsive websites from scratch to the point where you can get hired. This comprehensive course teaches you from the basics of JavaScript to creating incredible single-page applications. Through the milestone projects and hands-on coding exercises, you'll gain plenty of knowledge and expertise in solving problems and coming up with your solutions. Upon course completion, you'll receive a certificate as proof of your mastery of JavaScript skills. Expand your career opportunities with JavaScript by taking up this JavaScript course on TrainingHub from a real-world expert.

Course FAQs

What you'll learn in this JavaScript Online Training?

  • How to include JavaScript into your website or web application and how to debug it

  • How to use the DOM API to create interactive Web sites

  • How to switch from JavaScript to CSS for HTML5 element

  • Asynchronous JavaScript

  • How to use flowcharts and standard patterns to architect your code

  • Learn the inner workings of JavaScript to become more marketable.

Who can take this JavaScript course?

This course is open to web developers and programmers interested in using JavaScript to create native apps.

Is there any prerequisite to taking up this JavaScript training?

Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is helpful but not necessary. Everything will be taught from the introductory level.

Why take this JavaScript Course?

JavaScript is one of the web's most powerful and flexible programming languages. In fact, for the past nine years, JavaScript has been the most widely utilized language, according to StackOverflow's 2021 Developer Survey. According to Indeed, the typical salary for a Javascript Developer in the US is roughly $112,722 annually. This course will teach you everything you need to know about JavaScript, from the basics to creating sophisticated apps.