Fullstack Development

We will review the React concepts in introduction and continue to learn topics that include Node and Express, MongoDB and Mongoose, validation and querying, routing and advanced models, and at last deployment of our app.

Fullstack Development

Fullstack Development

This course is made for developers committed to doing what it takes to level up. You’ll able to really dig in and explore complex concepts every class. We ensure an engaging and intensive experience that can be balanced with a full-time job. We believe in learning through exercises and by creating awesome projects. From scope outline to deployment, your in-class learning will be focused on real world skills through the creation of a single-page web application.

Fullstack Development

Student Journey

Once you enroll to the courses, we will quickly recap the knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, Basic JavaScript. Which will teach fundamental web development concepts. We will continue learning core javascript function. As you move through the course, we will be leaning towards React and its concepts. At the end of the course, we will be developing a fully functional app and launch it live.

Fullstack Development- Student Journey
Fullstack Development- Student Journey

Course Content

  • Chapter 1 : React Dive in deep

    The basic requirement for this course is React so we will deep dive ES6 techniques and later we will talk in depth about front-end framework: React

  • Chapter 2 : Introduction to Express

    Front-end of our app is all ready! We’ll turn the project into a fully-fledged full-stack application through the power of Node JS. You’ll learn how to build fully functional API using the server-side framework Express, and how to manage the flow of data through HTTP requests and responses.

  • Chapter 3 : Introduction to MongoDB

    While continuing building out our application’s back-end by learning about the database ecosystem, and we’ll examine the differences between relational vs non-relational databases

  • Chapter 4 : Introduction to Models and Mongoose

    In this session, we will be learning how to build predictable and re-usable data models through our application, working with Mongoose to create schemas, validate types, and populate your database with meaningful data.

  • Chapter 5 : Routing

    Learning about routing and its difference in the client and server side components for our application is very important! And that’s the target in this session. We’ll look at ways we can refactor and augment our server side router, and implement client side routs using React-Router.

  • Chapter 6 : Advanced Mongoose Querying & Back-end Authentication

    We will be learning how to make advanced queries to our Mondo Database through Mongoose. We will also look into how to add authentication to our application using JWT-JSON Web Tokens.

  • Chapter 7 : Front-End Authentication

    By this time, we have successfully learned how to manage backend authentication. Now, we’ll start to focus on how to create a user experience in our React app that supports taking a signed in user through the journey of using our app, and protecting routes against unauthorized users.

  • Chapter 8 : Deploying our Application

    As the application is all ready to launch, we will learn how to secure the application from any malicious misuse. Finally, we will learn ho to deploy your application onto the web so that it becomes publicly available.

  • Chapter 9 : Scaling our app, Project Presentations Future path talks.

    As we wrap up the course, we will discuss about the application developer and its reality as a profession. We will make our application more scalable. Reasons behind testing the application and its importance.

More about Fullstack Development

Become a Full Stack Developer and build amazing applications like Quora, Swiggy, and many more. This Full Stack Developer Training Program will help you master front-end and backend technologies, starting from the basics and progressing towards the advanced concepts of Full Stack Web Development. You'll learn the latest development tools and practices of Angular, React, Node.js, MongoDB, etc., and gain all you need to become a Full-Stack Developer. As Full Stack Developer may boast a wide range of skills, this program's curriculum includes several industry-based projects to make your profile stand out. Sign up for our course today to learn from experts with tons of real-world experience and take your skills to the next level!

Course FAQs:

What will you learn in this Full Stack Development course?

Both the fundamentals and advanced topics of front-end and backend technologies will be covered in this course. You will have in-depth knowledge of technologies like Angular, NodeJS, Maven, Git, Jenkins, Selenium, Docker, etc., at the end of this full stack development course.

What are the prerequisites for taking up this Full Stack training?

We do not enforce any prerequisites for students who desire to advance their knowledge of the Full Stack. Enrollment in this Full Stack course is open to everyone.

Who Can apply for this online Full Stack course?
  • Web Designers

  • Project Managers

  • Web Developers

  • Switch your career to full stack development from scratch.

Why should you take this Full Stack Development Course?

According to the latest study, 853,000 jobs for Full Stack developers will be posted globally by 2024. The average Annual Salary of a Full Stack Developer is $106,148.