Tableau is a powerful data visualization and business intelligence tool that helps people see and understand their data. It provides a user-friendly interface and a wide range of features for creating interactive dashboards, reports, and visualizations. Tableau comes with a real-time data analytics capability and cloud support.



Key Features of Tableau:

1. We can connect to other data sources which other tools cannot. It can connect to live data sources and can extract from the external data sources.

2. One of Tableau's strengths is its drag-and-drop interface. Users can easily drag fields onto shelves to create visualizations, without requiring any coding or complex queries. This makes it accessible to both technical and non-technical users.

3. We can build a wide range of visualizations. i.e, charts, default charts, advanced charts.

4. It has got robust security features to ensure the protection and integrity of data.

5. It can handle large amounts of data quickly and efficiently.

Tableau is a comprehensive and user-friendly data visualization tool that empowers users to explore and communicate insights effectively.


Student Journey

Once you enroll in our Tableau training, your journey involves several key steps. You will be trained by our tutor with a minimum of 8+ yrs of Tableau/relevant IT experience. We will guide you to master charts, dashboards, and visualizations. The training is designed for BI, reporting professionals, data scientists, professionals working with data in any sector and individuals looking to up-skill their knowledge in Tableau. (There are no formal prerequisites to learn this course.)

Tableau- Student Journey
Tableau- Student Journey

Course Content

  • Tableau

    1. What is BI  

    • Introduction

    • Data modeling

    • Fact and Dimension table

    2. Getting started with Tableau 

    • Download and Install tableau public

    • User interface of Tableau

    • Load data to Tableau

    3. Related Topics in Tableau 

    • Dimension vs Measures

    • Discrete vs continuous

    • Aggregation in Tableau

    4. Creating Charts in Tableau  

    • Bar and stacked Bar chart

    • Line chart

    • Scatter plot

    • Dual axis chart

    • Funnel chart

    • Combined axis chart

    • Tables

    • Maps and Filled maps

    5. Filters in Tableau  

    • Dimension Filter

    • Date Filter

    • Measure Filter

    • Visual Filter

    • Data source filter

    • Context filter

    6. Analytics in Tableau 

    • Parameters

    • Sets

    • Group

    • Calculated Fields

    • Text Functions

    • Sort and custom sort

    • Bins and Histogram

    • Table calculations

    7. Dashboards 

    • Creating dashboard in Tableau

    • Actions

    • Interactive dashboard

    • Best practices

    • Publish to Tableau public

    8. Level of Detail  

    • Introduction

    • Fixed LOD

    • Include LOD

    • Exclude LOD

More about Tableau

TrainingHub offers comprehensive, project-based Tableau training designed for business intelligence professionals to land a dream job in the growing data industry. In this Tableau online training, students will learn the most in-demand skills in the functional and technical areas of Tableau with hands-on projects. Our expert instructors enable you to become a pro in powerful business intelligence and data mining using Tableau. We deliver the training you need to gather, organize, and display relevant data.

Course FAQs:

1. Can I take this Tableau course online?

  • Yes, you can take this virtually [online].    

2. Any prerequisites to learn this course? 

  • No. There are no formal prerequisites to learn this course.

3. Do you provide a Tableau course completion certificate?

  • Yes, on completing the full Tableau course, you will receive a course completion certificate from  The Tableau course with a certificate will be proof of your knowledge and ability to use it.

4. What are the system requirements?  

  • Windows or equivalent environment with Internet browser, high-speed Internet connectivity.

  • RAM – min 4GB

  • (SSD) disk, with 5 GB minimum free disk space.

5. What if I miss a class?

  • If you miss a class, you can access the class recordings at any time. 

6. What platform do you use for video/audio conferencing?   

  • Online classes are currently conducted over the Zoom/GoToMeeting  platform. 

7. Will I have other participants in the class?

  • Yes, there are other participants who actively participate in the class.

8. Do I get a discount on the courses?

  • Yes, you can avail a group discount if you join as a group of 5 or more.