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TrainingHub.io offers customized programs that help you to find the perfect person for your requirement. Follow our step-by-step guide to help you in finding the right person that always wanted to work with you. We as a single consultant to a team will provide you the perfect match for your staffing needs.

Employer Services

TrainingHub.io offers a range of services to employers. We facilitate in hiring top talent and support retention of a diverse workforce for Fortune 500 and Mid-sized clients.

TrainingHub.io is a pioneer in connecting employers with highly skilled professionals. We expose the incredible and diverse talent available to employers in today’s market. We fulfill the employer’s needs by understanding their business needs. We provide online services for pre-arrival clients who are already approved to work in Canada understood and delivered. Our values at the heart of everything we do.

Employer Services


IT recruiting can be a puzzling process for many hiring managers. Tech talents are high in demand, so companies need to provide a clear direction and incentives to hire the top talent. So, we will give you access to that level of expertise talents rapidly than any other recruiting organizations.

If you are looking for a contract or temporary, permanent employees, our experts will guide you to industry-specific talents. It is possible to guide your applications, platforms with our online database to fulfill your business need. We deploy with the right tactics and find who can help you to gear up with rapid changes in modern technology.

TrainingHub has partnered with the top innovative organizations, industry leaders to define the digital skills training for the employees & this network of partnerships connects with all the market trends and expertise to provide companies with professionals they need. Our employment resources connect to exceptional contractors with the right employer.


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Planning is the key to success. We provide skilled professionals so you can focus on reaching your goals. We just don’t recruit. We also take care of everything that the remote team needs. We manage services like office logistics and benefits, legal, and community in partnership with Centurion Technology Solutions inc.

  • Access highly qualified professionals.
  • Engage teams with qualified professionals.
  • Leave the work to us.

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What we Offer

What We Offer

TrainingHub.io has partnered with Mintex Technologies, which helps clients to connect with highly qualified professionals for contract and permanent positions in the IT sector in North America. Our clients have access to the cutting edge technologies to talent the highly qualified candidates to access IT jobs. We provide a diverse range of recruitment solutions for contract and permanent roles for our Canadian and US clients. We assure our client’s requirements and deliver them on time. We value the concerns of the clients and provide the best solutions.

What we Offer

Why Hire Our Talents?

TrainingHub provides the top professionals with training. Once the applicants accept, He/She will undergo a series of Mock - Interviews to make sure they are perfect and are into the right digital role.

Trained By Experts - We teach and mentor our applicants in order to develop the skills based on industry requirements.

Real Project Experience - We use an agile-based work environment for our applicants to make sure they get used to it and also the applicants complete the projects with real business scenarios.

Cutting-edge skills - Our course curriculum is up to date, as they are monitored and altered by SME(Subject Matter Experts) who guarantees the applicants in gaining experience with the latest technologies and tools.

Experience and Maturity - We have got client-centric culture, with all of the years in providing professional services and staffing. We assure you that job is done!

Why Hire Our Talents?